Reconstruction of limestone crushing and grinding equipment in chemical plant

Main equipment: 2 x ODJ 1010-4 impact crusher including transport and de-dusting, 2 x KTM 1400 vertical mill

Input material for the crushing plant: dolomite limestone fraction 0 - 80 mm

Output product of the crushing plant: grain size 6.38%, residue on screen 16 mm, capacity 2 x 76.5 t/h, electricity consumption 1.4 kWh/t

Input material for the grinding plant: dolomite limestone fraction 0 - 15 mm

Output product of the grinding plant: fineness 3% R0.200 mm, capacity 2 x 16 t/h

Supply of drum dryer for fertilizers

Drum inner diameter: Ø 3 m

Drum length: 16.5 m

Dried material: fertilizers

Drying capacity: 35 t/h

Drum speed: 3.5 min-1

Supply of drum dryer for nitrogen fertilizer granulate

Drum inner diameter: Ø 2.6 m

Drum length: 16 m

Dried material: granulate of nitrogen fertilizers

Drying capacity: 20 t/h

Drum speed: 3.5 - 4 min-1

Limestone grinding plant installed in chemical plant

Main equipment: KTM 1200 vertical mill, DTIM 1200 air separator

Input material: dolomite limestone fraction 0 - 22 mm

Output product: fineness 3% R0.250 mm, capacity 8.5 t/h