PSP Engineering a.s., a company with more than sixty years’ tradition, is an important supplier of complete process systems and equipment for the production of building materials and treatment of minerals, supplied mainly to cement plants, lime works, crushing plants, gravel and sand pits and other branches of industry that make use of our technology and products.

We provide interested parties, and above all our customers, with long-term technological and operational reliability and professional support throughout the entire life cycle of the implemented project.

The quality control strategy of PSP Engineering a.s. is based on the following principles of quality policy:

  • To supply technology and products that fully satisfy customers’ quality requirements
  • To implement all available measures that effectively prevent the occurrence of claims or complaints from customers and meet their rightful expectations
  • To use new progressive technologies based on new market requirements and thereby increase the company’s ability to fulfil future customer demands
  • To attract new customers and maintain existing ones by increasing the level of complex service provided
  • To raise awareness of the standard of design and quality of the company’s products
  • To translate long-term experience into product quality
  • To continually improve and increase the effectiveness of quality control processes
  • To develop the qualifications, knowledge and skills of employees, with an emphasis on the training of new professionals

The quality policy is binding for all employees of PSP Engineering a.s.

Company management will provide effective support, know-how and training of its employees to the full extent necessary to create the prerequisites for successful implementation of this quality policy.