Coal crushing and grinding for energy production in steel works

Main equipment: 2 x KDV 1131 hammer crusher with rollers, 6 x KTMU 1800 pressurized vertical coal mill, fans, flaps

Input material for crushing: black coal fraction 0 - 100 mm

Output product of crushing: fraction 0 - 40 mm, capacity 400 t/h

Input material for grinding: black coal fraction 2 - 40 mm, moisture up to 10%

Output product of grinding: fineness 3% R0.09 mm, moisture max. 1%, capacity 6 x 13 t/h

Limestone grinding plant in coal power station

Main equipment: 2x KTM 2300 vertical mill, 2x DTIM 2700 dynamic separator

Input material: limestone fraction 20 - 50 mm

Output product I: capacity 60 t/h, fineness 0.045-0.7 mm

Output product II: capacity 20 t/h, fineness 0-0.045 mm, moisture max. 0.5%

Limestone slurry production for desulphurization at coal power station

Operating unit of crushing plant (2 lines):

Main equipment: inlet bin, PED feeder, belt conveyor with a metal detector, KMR 1500x1400 crusher, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, intermediate bin for crushed material

Input material: limestone fraction 40 - 150 mm

Output product: capacity 2 x 100 t/h, fraction 0 - 4 mm

Operating unit of grinding plant (2 lines):

Main equipment: belt weighing feeder, ball mill, slurry tank, slurry pump to cyclones, dispatch tank, storage tank, propeller agitators

Input material: limestone fraction 0 - 4 mm, 210 m3/h

Output product: capacity 2 x 90 t/h, fineness 10% R0.045 mm