ODV vertical impact crushers

ODV vertical impact crushers are used to re-grind final fractions in order to increase the proportion of cubic grains in the product (stone-metal crushing system) or to simply increase the proportion of cubic grains (stone-stone crushing system). They are used for the crushing of medium-hard and very hard materials.

Main operating characteristics:

  • high operating reliability
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • easy maintenance
  • use of highly wear-resistant materials for the main crushing elements
  • tilting cover for easy access to the crushing area
type max. inlet piece* max. capacity max. peripheral speed of the rotor el. motor
  mm t/h m/s kW
ODV 05S/SM 32 10-50 80 37-55
ODV 08M 50 50-140 75 90-160
ODV 10M 70 100-200 75 110-200
ODV 12M 70 150-350 70 200-315


* undersize of square mesh size
The stated capacities are only informative and depend on properties and composition of the crushed material and way of feeding.