PRESEP LTR air separators

PRESEP LTR dynamic air separators are used in circulating pneumatic grinding plants fitted with ball mills.

Main characteristics of PRESEP LTR air separators:

  • high efficiency and sharpness of separation
  • Tromp curve with less than 10% bypass and great steepness guarantees high capacity and efficiency of separation
  • energy savings in the grinding plant according to the fineness of separating of up to 40%
  • compact design means lower weight and lower space requirements
  • low installation cost
  • wear parts effectively protected against abrasion and can be easily exchanged
  • minimal maintenance
  • suitable for abrasive materials
  • separated material can be effectively dried and cooled
  • separation of a wide range of grains from 20 to 300 µm
  • adjustment of grain size possible during operation
  • improved grain size distribution within material 
  • favourable conditions for the burning process